What we do

We try to provide services that meet the needs of various kinds of clients. Some people prefer making a custom house, some choose from the designs already available and others like DIY projects. We provide the following services.

Custom design

We create your dreams. We sit in front of you with a blank page and start drawing your ideas. Our experienced builders then turn the ideas into reality. We use the best materials for our custom design houses.

Standard design

Over the years we have built a lot of different houses. We have our own style. These are all included in our portfolio. You can select one of these designs. We can do little modifications to the existing designs if you want to.

DIY shell

For all those people who want to build the house yourself, we have a DIY shell option for you. It can help you to start building your own home. We will make the trailer, roof framing, and the walls. You can do the rest.


Getting a loan for building a tiny house on wheels is a tough job. We have contacts with lots of financial institutions. We can help you get loans for building your home.

We have some of the best architects, interior designers, constructors and engineers in our team. They help to put everything together in the best way possible. We believe in teamwork, that’s why we have come so far. We hope to develop some amazing projects in future also.