4 major challenges of living in a tiny house on wheels

The tiny house movement has encouraged many people to live in a tiny house on wheels. Living in this type of home is cost-effective and environment-friendly. It can be constructed within a very short time and you won’t fall into too much debt if you build this house. However, there are lots of challenges of living in this kind of house.


Limited space

You can very limited space to hide all your clutters. There are a lot of things you need in a family. Clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. must be properly fitted in the house. But there is not enough storage space available which might make it difficult for some people to live in this house.


Building codes

Getting building codes can be a hassle. Many times it remains unsettled. Due to difficulties in obtaining building codes, it’s also hard to get an approval for a loan. In many communities, you won’t be allowed to live full time in an RV. The home construction regulations in certain areas won’t allow you to have a house of less than 800 square feet. So, there are lots of challenges in this regard.



You will find it difficult to get access to land. It is very expensive to get a land near city centers. Also, there are different laws that might not allow you to build such a house near the city. So, you have to live on the outskirts of the city or in a place where people won’t notice your house much. This way your life will become difficult as you won’t get easy access to the city amenities.


Social pressure

Many people in our society still don’t like the concept of living in a tiny house. Your friends or colleagues may not appreciate your home. You will have less space available to entertain guests. All these social pressure will make you feel bad.

Even after all these challenges, many people are considering shifting to tiny houses for saving money. It’s a wonderful way to get rid of your student debt and become a homeowner at a very young age. It also helps to get a sustainable environment.

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