Questions to ask yourself before going tiny

Before you go tiny, there are some questions that you should answer to ensure that you are headed in the right direction. This is important because, if all your life you have been living in big houses, the transition to a tiny house might need proper planning so that nothing comes as a shock.

Here are the questions that you should answer before going tiny:

Why do you want to go tiny?

This is the first question that you should answer. Your answer should be convincing enough, and you should have exhausted any other possible solution to settle on a tiny house. This ensures that you won’t change your mind after buying or building a tiny house. Some people go tiny in search of financial freedom, others just love the idea of tiny living, while others think the idea favors their lifestyle. Whatever the reason, it should be worth the investment. Plus, you’ll need to look for tiny houses for sale in nc to see what’s on the market.

How many people will you be living with?

Tiny houses come in various sizes and designs, and some might be favorable depending on the number of people who will be living there. Again, ensure everyone that you will be living with is just as interested as you are about going tiny. If you have kids, make sure that they are okay with the idea and make the necessary arrangements to make their transition easy. You can visit several tiny houses together before buying or building one.

Which design and size do you want?

There are many designs when it comes to tiny houses so take your time and look at the available options. Again, depending on your lifestyle, think about the type of bed, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Do you prefer stairs or ladder? Will the house be grounded or on wheels?

When do you want to move to the tiny house?

If you want to make a quick move, buying a tiny ready-made house is the best way to go. This is because building a tiny house can take several months and at times even over a year. Therefore, you need to really plan well to ensure that everything goes according to your plans.

Where do you want your tiny home to be?

The other crucial thing to consider before going tiny is where you want it to be. Some people buy land then build their tiny house on it while others go for a tiny house on wheels such that they can park it wherever. However, the most important step when it comes to where you want your tiny home is to approach the code & zoning offices in your area to have clear details of the dos and don’ts of tiny houses.

How much stuff do you need?

Remember, storage is a big challenge when it comes to tiny houses. Therefore, you must be ready to live without a lot of things that you are used to. The priority should be on needs and not wants. And, you should also think of creative ways to store some of these things, and you can also look at what other tiny dwellers are using for storage.

Will you buy or build the tiny house?

This is another critical question that you should look at before going tiny. Do a thorough research on what it takes to build a tiny house from scratch, either by a professional or as a DIY. Again, take a look at how must it will cost you to buy an already built tiny house. Look at the pros and cons of each option then decide which way to go.

What’s your budget?

Remember, tiny houses are cheaper than traditional houses, but that does not mean that you won’t feel the cost. Analyze your budget then look at the available houses or the costs of building one then see if the idea is working for you. And, you will still incur some costs apart from the general construction of the house such as water and power installation if your house won’t be self-sufficient, not forgetting parking fees for mobile houses and so on.

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