How Close to Plant do you need to Put LED Grow Light

Although many overlook this detail, keeping the grow lights at a proper distance from the plants can help increase yields and potency. LED grow lights give your plants a wavelength of light that is needed for photosynthesis, maximum flowering and healthy growth. Your cannabis plants will reach for the much desirable light source as they usually do with sunlight in outdoor conditions. This means as you increase the intensity of light, you should in turn increase the distance between the lights and the plants.

LED lights of different wattage or power ratings will do well to your plants if kept at different distances.

What distance is best?

LED grow lights are very powerful and can get you good yields when fixed in the right manner. However, when growing your cannabis with such lights, it can be a little tricky to get the right distance. Another important question is what are the best led grow lights? Anyway, this one will be covered later.

Unlike other grow lights like MH/HPS, there is no standard distance to keep your LED lights. It is therefore hard to summarize the distance with a quick chart like in the case of other lights. The distance between your plants and LED grow lights varies depending on the manufacturer and the bulb model. Many factors can as well affect the distance you put your lights from the plants. Such factors include

  • The manner in which the manufacture used lenses to reflect light to the plants
  • The size of the LED bulb.

Below are some things you should consider before setting the distance between your plants and LED grow lights:

  1. Contact the manufacturer- The first and best thing you should do is contact the manufacturer to see what they recommend about distance from the LED lights to the plants.
  2. Put LED lights further away if you are in doubt– It is common with many cannabis growers to believe that as long as they have the right temperature for the plants, they can keep the LED grow lights close to the plants as they like. However, this is not true. Though the lights go cool, the LED grow bulbs made nowadays produce heavy light which is good for yields but can as also burn your plants hanged too close. This can be a big problem since your plants may take even 2-3 week before they start to show burn symptoms. The symptoms usually affect the upper leaves by turning them brown or yellowish. When the LED grow lights are kept too close to the cannabis plants, they can also affect other parts of the plant.

Here is a quick reference guide on the distance to keep your LED lights depending on the bulb wattage:

1 watt bulb– At least 30cm or 12 inches

3- 5 watts bulbs- At least 45cm or 18 inches

300 watts and above- At least 76cm or 30 inches above the plants

You should put powerful LED grow lights far away from plants to protect them from light burn.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis plants usually capture light energy for the LED grow lights to help grow bigger buds. In order to increase your cannabis yields, you should give your plants enough light but without causing light burn.

As your cannabis plants grow, they reach closer to the lights. You should therefore raise the rights periodically as your plants grow. If you need your plants to stretch, you should raise the lights as the plants grow. When the cannabis plants reach flowering stage and you don’t need them to stretch any more, you should stop raising the rights.

In case you need shorter and bushier cannabis plants, you should keep the LED grow lights close but without causing burn damage to them.

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