We are a tiny house on wheels construction company in St. Louis, Missouri. We are operating since 1999. We created the company simply out of a passion for a sustainable lifestyle. Years back I saw a beautiful tiny house on wheels on the outskirts of the city. I instantly fell in love with the house. I wanted to build one for myself. When I talked about it with my friend, he thought the same way. So, we formed a company and started to build one house after another.

Over the years we have built hundreds of tiny houses on wheels. Every time we think of making the house better in terms of environmental sustainability. People have come up with more environmental-friendly products now. So, it is now possible to build houses that are more environmentally sustainable.

People have now become more concerned about the environment. They think of ways to contribute to nature. That’s why the demand for tiny houses on wheels has increased. We are very proud of our achievements and would like to build more environmentally sustainable houses in future.